As a musician, having a performance to prepare for can be a great motivator, and it is wonderful when our audiences enjoy the music we share with them!

Exeter Musicians Busking for Local Causes

I first busked when I was 14 – I pitched up on my own in Kidderminster town centre and played my violin for an hour or two while mum and dad popped by occasionally to check I was ok. That was 1994!

Exeter Musicians Busking For Local Causes is a collective of like-minded musicians who want to make a difference.  I recently had my first outing with three friends from the group.  We played a beautiful selection of classical string quartet music in a lovely spot just off Exeter’s Cathedral Green. While as a working musician it’s important to have an income, playing for pure pleasure, raising money for local charities, and connecting with friends and people in our local community is so good for the soul, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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Hear us playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy by clicking on the video link below.

Coastal Strings

Karen and I formed violin duo Coastal Strings in 2016.  We provide simple, beautiful and elegant performances for all occasions, offering a varied repertoire including jazz,  classical, musicals and folk. We would love to tailor a programme to meet your needs for a wedding, important birthday or other celebration, and can even tailor an arrangement of a piece that is special to you – contact us to discuss how we can help to make your event even more magical!

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Hear us playing jazz standard “Take Five” at Exmouth’s Imperial Hotel by clicking on the video link below.