Music in residential care

Please note: Music sessions in residential homes are not running currently due to Covid-19 restrictions and for the safety of residents.

I am privileged to be able to share the music I love with people who live in residential care and nursing home settings in Exmouth.  To date I regularly visit Rose Lodge Care Home, Fernihurst Nursing Home (part of Santuary Care), the Cranford Residential Home, Brandon House Residential Care Home and Sheridan House Care Home.  I provide one-hour sessions using a varied programme of vocal music to boost individuals’ sense of wellbeing and contentment though musical participation.  I deliver a tailored programme of songs, often to a particular theme, including guitar-accompanied and acapella numbers.  Group members are encouraged to sing or join in through other means such as clapping, tapping or percussion.  I provide a mixture of memory songs and songs with clear, large-print song sheets. Conversation is encouraged – often the songs themselves stimulate discussion of a broad range of topics.